Short Guide Software Licensing (Online Activation) - ZEISS License Activation Utility (ZLAU)

If you click on a system to be updated in the "Software Licensing" feature, you have the option of updating the software licenses for your measuring instruments under "Request License Key". The prerequisite for this is a valid software maintenance agreement.

When you click on "Request License Key", a window will open asking you to confirm that you actually want to update this license. 

You will receive an e-mail with the Entitlement ID, which is required for the update. This ID needs to be entered in the ZEISS License Activation Utility (ZLAU):

Step 1: Start the ZEISS License Activation Utility program (available in the Software Download Portal).

Step 2: To activate licenses, click the "Manage Licenses" button.



Step 3: The default settings are on the left side under action "Activate license" and on the right side under Internet connection "PC is connected to the Internet". If the PC is connected to the Internet, go to "Next".

Step 4: Enter the Entitlement ID contained in the email and click "Add".

Your software license will now be updated.