What is Teleservice and how does it work?

Our "Netviewer" teleservice software offers the option of executing your service request or technical support directly on your PC, without the cumbersome sending of data or possible confusion in the description of the problem.

Our specialists connect to your computer via secure servers and can analyze the problem together with you and answer your questions.

Parallel to the Teleservice session, there is always a telephone communication to keep the participant informed about the actions carried out.



To ensure the security of the connection between client and server, a 160-bit ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) key is used for mutual authentication and asymmetric encryption.

The symmetrical 128-bit Blowfish Key ensures integrity and confidentiality between moderator and participant.

Communication during a Teleservice session can be either via HTTP port 80 or TCP ports 2000 or 443. The participant programs first try to use TCP port 2000 or 443, then HTTPS (SSL) via port 443 and only then port 80.