New and old licensing parallel

Some customers are using products with different versions on one PC. One example is CALYPSO 5.4 and CALYPSO 5.6. This causes an error in the older product with an alert "license not valid" or "license violation".

The cause is based on the way of implementation. By using both licenses checks for old and new licenses this results in an invalid new license and the error stated above.

Workaround / Resolution

You only have to install the latest service packs and everything will work. Known product which should be updated:


affected base version
required version
latest service pack
CALYPSO 5.2 5.2.20 (service pack 7) 5.2.24 (service pack 8)
CALYPSO 5.4 5.4.16 (service pack 4) 5.4.20 (service pack 5)