The CMM's drives are not moving and seem to be off. How do I turn on the drives?

There are a few simple reasons why the drives may not be on and some easy solutions to resolve the issue.

1.The first step is to cycle the power for both the CMM and the CMM’s computer by turning them off, then on.

2.If they do not turn on, check the incoming air pressure. This is the most common issue. Sufficient pressure is needed, with a minimum of 6.2 bar (90 PSI) at the wall or connector location. The compressed-air connection on the CMM should be 5 bar (72.5 PSI).

3.If the problem persists, consider the following in this order:•Be sure that the CMM is inside the measuring volume (not at the end of travel in the X, Y, or Z axes).

 Please follow the “Probe outside the measuring volume” section in the Operating instructions for specific steps to move the CMM back into the measuring volume.

  • The EMERGENCY STOP button on either the control console or control cabinet (not present on all CMMs) should be unlocked.

 Slightly turn the button to reset. The button will pop out a few millimeters.

  • If the control console LED lights are blinking and the display (on some models) shows a ZEISS logo, the control cabinet is off and needs to be turned on.