Why does my change plate no longer work after a software update to ZEISS CALYPSO 2014 or higher?

In order to prevent a collision when changing styli systems, from ZEISS CALYPSO Revision 2014 onwards in conjunction with firmware 29 or higher, all ZEISS change plates with activated ID chip can be clearly identified in the software and can therefore no longer be confused.

This customer request was implemented to avoid a possible collision by using the wrong styli systems to 100%. However, this can only be guaranteed with original ZEISS change plates, as these are recognized in the system by their activated ID chip.

ZEISS change plates with activated ID chip are identified by a QR code sticker, a sticker with the serial number and the ZEISS logo on the front of the change plate.

As of ZEISS CALYPSO 2014 and use from firmware version 29, ZEISS changers and all other changers that do not have an activated ID chip with ZEISS identification will no longer be recognized by the system. It is no longer possible to operate the CMM with these change plates.

In this case, please contact your ZEISS contact.